Erica offers a small range of editorial services, available to both retainer clients and people who are not virtual assistant clients.

Qualifications: Erica has a Bachelor of Arts in Writing and a Minor in English, as well as nine years of secretarial work proofreading/editing/composing business correspondence.

Before you agree to sign on for edits, Erica will complete a complimentary 5 page sample edit of your manuscript so you can see her style of editing and know if it works for you. 


Developmental Edit – completed as an editorial letter, with sections for each chapter


Line Edits – completed in document, with comments throughout manuscript. This can often take a lot of time, so be aware of that when making your budget. I will give you an estimate of how much time I think it’s going to take to finish the rest of the book after I do the first three chapters.


Light copy edits/proofreading – to be completed AFTER you have already had your manuscript copy-edited, and you just need a second glance.