Erica Monroe is amazing! She does it all: incredible graphics, website repairs and updates, newsletters, and all those overlong instructional e-mails I don’t have the time to read. Erica never tells me no on projects I ask for her help on. If it’s something she’s never done, her immediate reply is “I can figure it out.” And she does – every time. Erica helps me get time back so I can spend more time with my family, which makes her absolutely invaluable. I’m so grateful for Erica and how hard she works for me to make my books a success.

-Madeline Martin, USA Today Bestselling Author of historical romance

Erica Monroe’s task oriented skills kept me on track to expand my social media reach. She’s amazing. Her expertise gave me a feeling of control over the many things one must do to stay relevant and in touch with readers. That type of advocacy is priceless.

Vanessa Riley, author of inspirational historical romance

It takes a team working together to take a manuscript and produce a compelling novel. Erica Monroe fills the role of developmental editor brilliantly. Through expert developmental editing advice, knowledge on the industry and encouragement when needed, Erica has helped me tremendously on my way to become a better writer.  I’ve worked with her on five novels so far. Each novel that I’ve sent to her has become a much stronger book. She has the ability to see things in my writing that I can’t and explain them to me in a way that I can get a handle on. Erica provides helpful feedback about writing and is able to see the entire story structure so she can advise on character development, pacing and overall plot issues. She has the discerning quality to not only see someone’s strengths and weaknesses but to know how to communicate it to them.  I highly recommend Erica’s services and wholeheartedly encourage other writers to reach out to her.

Susie Warren, author of contemporary romance

Erica Monroe has provided various editorial services for my independently produced books, from line edits to copy editing, and always made each and every book a better story for her commentary. [She] is a pleasure to work with, and she has a nose for what will make a story better.

Elizabeth Essex, RITA nominated author of historical romance

Erica Monroe has taught me so much about writing and the publishing business. She’s also helped me redesign my website, provided fantastic edits to my latest books, and helped me build a marketing plan. In a word, she is fantastic.

Eileen Richards, author of historical romance